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Understanding the GC Award Process
Ron Roberts
It has come to our attention that many trade contractors do not understand how general contractors choose who they award the trade work to. Understanding their practices and using that knowledge effectively will lead to far more and better priced work for your business. . . . keep going

Improving Employee Decision Making
Ron Roberts
You're at the mercy of your employees. There's no two ways around it. If your employees do their jobs well you should have a thriving business. If they don't? Well, you know the outcome right? . . . keep going

When things are going well…get paranoid.
Ron Roberts
Humans are a funny lot. We think trends are going to last forever. If things are going poorly, they're never going to get better. If things are going well...why worry? . . . keep going

The Chess Match That Is Construction
Ron Roberts
As chess and construction share so many traits, we would do well to follow several guidelines chess players learn. Chess Lesson #1: Never Underestimate Your Opponent . . . keep going

Managing Risk
Ron Roberts
A common trait we've noticed among contractors is their struggle with risk management. Many just don't understand how to properly manage risk. Typically they grossly underestimate it. Managing risk isn't about avoiding risk. Managing risk means understanding the probabilities that an undesirable outcome might occur and the ramifications to the business when it does occur. . . . keep going

You Are Never Finished
Ron Roberts
You may never finish. Seriously. Your active participation in your business may never end. . . . keep going

Gross Margins Are The Objective
Ron Roberts
Over the past few weeks, a couple of my clients and I have been working on their annual budgets. During our first draft, I let each client stay with their historically low gross margins as the starting point for the budget. Upon completion of their first drafts, each client looked at the bottom line and said "That's it? We grow the business that much and that's all we get?" . . . keep going

Becoming a Championship Culture
Ron Roberts
I wanted to bring to your attention the "crap" that is associated with transforming an under-performing organization into a championship caliber one. It is actually easier to create a championship caliber culture from scratch than it is to transform an existing under-performing culture. . . . keep going

Big Companies Have It Easier
Ron Roberts
Finally being able to relax after rushing through airport security, I sat in my seat and reflected on the incredible progress we had made. How in the heck did we make so much progress so fast? What was so different? The answer came to me: the client is fairly big and has substantial resources. . . . keep going

How to Allocate Overhead
Ron Roberts
The Common Method Is Almost Always WRONG The most common mistake is allocating overhead as a percentage of job cost. This practice is so universal that we rarely meet a contractor who veers from it. . . . keep going

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